School Board Meeting Update – 5/6/2010

Summary of the Board’s discussions & actions:


  • He reported that it is becoming quite clear that the Legislature has no intention of addressing the budget for next year until after the June primaries.  Worse, it seems the Assembly & Senate leaders appear to be prioritizing health and human services programs over education.  The Governor’s May Revise, due out next week [I think] will show some revenues are up, but personal income tax revenue is down [see HERE].

    Clearly, it is still vital that we keep up our communication with state leaders regarding education funding.  For more information on what you and others can do, go HERE.

  • Senator Harkin’s bill is still alive in the Senate to help save teachers’ jobs.  Link HERE.
  • He is hopeful about bargaining with FCEA and CSEA being able to reach an agreement.  [FYI FCEA bargains tomorrow]
  • He clarified an issue from the last board meeting regarding superintendent’s pay in surrounding districts.  Sac. City superintendent’s salary is $245,000 plus an $11,000 annuity purchased in his name only.  FCUSD super’s salary was later addressed at the end of the meeting with regard to an op-ed piece [HERE] in the Folsom Telegraph that was responded to by Teresa Stanley [HERE]


  • The Board adopted the certificated Stipulated Layoff Decision [HERE].  ***Please note that this action is, at this time, procedural in nature (also required by the county) and any agreement that can be reached between FCEA and FCUSD will change the layoff issue.  The stipulated layoff list would only occur if no agreement is reached and the district’s proposed program cuts are implemented in full.


  • There is movement in the state Legislature to change the Kindergarten birthdate cutoff.  You can find the latest version HERE.  You can follow its progress HERE.

As always, remain hopeful and stay tuned…

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